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New Year’s RPG Resolutions

The year is coming to an end, the moment of a new life comes again, where we go through what happened in the past (and not just last year) and what is coming. Most people usually pose themselves some kind of new year’s resolution, it can be anything.

A long time ago on I cam across this Go Play movement. It was in a lot of places, silently, like an idea, a philosophy, something you could feel but not grasp. I later learned it originated on some other place called Story Games forums, which I wasn’t a part of until very very recently, took me long enough to understand that I want more story games because to me RPGs are actually about story.

Anyway, my new year’s resolution is simple, I want to play more of what I talk about, read about, learn about on the world wide web, I want to strengthen my group’s and my own experience, I want to evolve and empower my games with that simple thing: the actual play.

It is pretty simple in theory, like all new year’s resolutions, but actually trying to bring more theorycrafting into actual play is another demon entirely, even more so when I have a traditional minded group, with no exposure to anything more modern than Castle Falkenstein, OWoD and D&D editions (even the latest is quite classic isn’t it). Trying to bring all this new logic is a burden and an honor, I just hope they are open enough to understand that just because you liked it when you were 15 doesn’t mean it works now that you are 30.

As my blogging new year’s resolutions I have the wish to post at least twice a week, more if things come into my mind. I am always reading blogs on RPGs and I often have thoughts to share. But my plans are to actually make a weekly schedule for a few things I know I need to improve, like NPC design, also I might share what I don’t have such a hard time, like designing locations. Let’s see if I can keep that going.

How about you? What is your new year’s RPG resolution?


Dungeon World: I Didn’t Get it at First Too

Dungeon World is a little far from my usual games and from many systems I have heard. While reading it was kinda obvious to me that there was a different logic to the rules, but I didn’t get it at first. I mean, I understood it, I just didn’t get it.

The system’s logic is not something you transition into by just reading if you have the same kind of background that I have regarding RPGs. The best advice I can give you to help you get it is, whenever you feel the game doesn’t cover something as you read the book, put it aside and ask yourself: “How would that happen in a story?” this simple question will throw images in your head, and maybe you will find that thing that makes the system click, and all of a sudden you will just get it.

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Trying a New Game: Transition Plans

On my last post in the series of Trying a New Game (Selling the System), Undreren talked about Dungeon World being hard to pitch. I think a lot of the pain in pitching the system itself (since the game frame is the same as D&D’s) has one basic opposition: habit.

In Dungeon World, unlike many systems out there, the actions taken are defined by how the player describes them, by their actions and intent, this is not mechanical. Meanwhile my players and many others out there are used to framing their thoughts and actions in a game through the system mechanics.

Completely different filters are in effect, by wanting to play and run DW I also want them to think on the character’s toes, to make them act how they want them to, and not make a choice in the character sheet or on the basic moves sheet, but after so many years of playing D&D, Storyteller and GURPS, there is little chance that will happen spontaneously.

How I plan to make it work then?

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