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Trying a New Game: Selling the System

This is the followup to the previous post, which you can read here: Trying a New Game: A Matter of Trust.

I talked about how trust developed through quality games plays a role in what a GM can present a group, how I don’t have that trust from half of the group, and I ended it saying that I want to GM them a game of Dungeon World.

In order to have them be truly willing to try something, and not just willing to prove to me that a new system is not a good choice, I have to sell them the system and the game idea, and sell them well.

System Update

System Update (Photo credit: bovinity)

The two players that I have to yet get the trust from are reluctant to even try a new system, and I can’t say they have no reason to. Gaming time is harder to get by as we grew older, and learning a new system takes time and effort. In fact when I talked about this to one of them he stated he is not really in favor of trying new systems exactly for that reason, time and effort spent for little gain, he doesn’t really believe in an evolution in game design, he believes in knowing a system. Both are the same in that regard, they are happy with the systems we played together, which are GURPS, Storyteller and D&D from 2nd edition to date.

The flaw in their reasoning, in my opinion, is the fact that none of those actually work well with the group we currently have, in fact in the last 4 years we had less than two good games and a lot of short term tries that didn’t quite cut it, and of the two, one required one entire evening of talking about the problems we were facing with the fun in the game and how we could go around it.

I am trying to find a system that works well for us. Enter Dungeon World.

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