GM Struggles

Struggles, wins and losses of a gamer

Dice are random right? riiiiight…

I have two opposite players in my table, they are friends, they enjoy much of the same thing, they game well together, but whenever they pick up the dice, things go south fast for one and heavenly well for the other. Sounds unlikely right? Ina  recent game one of my friends was GMing, we were all playing newly awakened mages in a Mage game.

During our training, he informed us, we would make different tests and he would have the results stored, he recorded the amount of successes from each player and made some kickstarter-like rewards that were unlocked the higher our number of successes. I don’t have the exact numbers (though he has them in excel) but it was something like this:

  • Standard Success Rate in NWoD ruleset: 30% (7-10 on a  d10)
  • Lucky Guy success rate: 60%
  • Player A: 35%
  • Player B: 33%
  • Me (my rolls are like proof of statistics): 30%
  • Unlucky Guy: 20%

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My Struggles, mine, my own, my precioussss

Time to get started!

A little bit of why: I have been reading a lot, finally going back into the GMing mood after reading Dungeon World (that is a topic for a specific review), I feel the need, the urge to take the seat and share with my players what is in my head, to get their ideas fuse them to mine and get an epic game, but I also know it won’t be easy.

My Gaming group is composed of friends, one is living on another town now, and even though he hasn’t managed to play with us yet, we plan to have him through skype. This is one struggle right here, but one I got experience with (will share that in a later post as well.

The second struggle that presents itself is that my group of friends have very different tastes when it comes down to following a plot and exploring the world. 1 is a total sandbox adept, he has a hard time following plots simply because he likes to make his own, I have a player that loves a good plot but never lets his own goals out of his vision, the other one is a harder time, he has a lot in his mind lately and is around to hang with us, he usually focus on roleplaying more than exploring or following a plot, the last player loves a good plot, to him they are naturally put in the spot and he rarely creates anything that changes the direction of the game.

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