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New Year’s RPG Resolutions

The year is coming to an end, the moment of a new life comes again, where we go through what happened in the past (and not just last year) and what is coming. Most people usually pose themselves some kind of new year’s resolution, it can be anything.

A long time ago on I cam across this Go Play movement. It was in a lot of places, silently, like an idea, a philosophy, something you could feel but not grasp. I later learned it originated on some other place called Story Games forums, which I wasn’t a part of until very very recently, took me long enough to understand that I want more story games because to me RPGs are actually about story.

Anyway, my new year’s resolution is simple, I want to play more of what I talk about, read about, learn about on the world wide web, I want to strengthen my group’s and my own experience, I want to evolve and empower my games with that simple thing: the actual play.

It is pretty simple in theory, like all new year’s resolutions, but actually trying to bring more theorycrafting into actual play is another demon entirely, even more so when I have a traditional minded group, with no exposure to anything more modern than Castle Falkenstein, OWoD and D&D editions (even the latest is quite classic isn’t it). Trying to bring all this new logic is a burden and an honor, I just hope they are open enough to understand that just because you liked it when you were 15 doesn’t mean it works now that you are 30.

As my blogging new year’s resolutions I have the wish to post at least twice a week, more if things come into my mind. I am always reading blogs on RPGs and I often have thoughts to share. But my plans are to actually make a weekly schedule for a few things I know I need to improve, like NPC design, also I might share what I don’t have such a hard time, like designing locations. Let’s see if I can keep that going.

How about you? What is your new year’s RPG resolution?


A Merry Christmas to You and Everyone Else

Regardless of religion or belief, I want to wish a happy time, enjoy your families and give your time to those you love, a day like today is meant to make us think and focus on our family and friends.

I am thankful for the family I have, the wife I love, the friends I respect and for having a chance of being part of their lives.

And to the few and much cherished readers of this blog, thanks for stopping by, I hope I can help you by posting about my own struggles, yesterday I played my first game of Dungeon World, and for the first time in many years we went into late night and got home  to sleeping children, wife and husbands, we came home happy.

I will share that later, what worked and what i struggled with, nothing ever goes as planned, but then, I am not planning anything any more, I am getting ready, having things prepared to take the game and my imagination wherever the players go.

May the winds of fun take us to the edge of the world, and beyond.