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Getting ready! Two Purchases

So, I have been a while without posting, have been mostly reading things and preparing myself to run the, since my game is composed of Pirates, I need to get source material and ideas into my brain, to make the game really be about that and also, to be able to give them fitting ideas on the fly.

Just now I placed an order on for two general books, I have mostly gone digital but somethings are hard to leave behind, so when it comes down to the system book, maps and resources like names I prefer print over digital. The books I purchased are:

1. Story Games Name Project, a book that collects names to be used for your game, the idea and work in making the compilation was by Jason Morningstar. I really need to make sure I got fitting names at a game table and even more when my players have the guts to name an elf warlock Miguel… when I asked the player to choose a more fitting one he changed it… to Miguelel.

2. Dyson’s Delves Limited Edition is a book with maps and ready to use dungeons by Dyson, a great artist that I have been following through RPG Bloggers and RPG  Blog Alliance Network. His maps and dungeons are cool and evocative and I want to show him my appreciation and support too, so everyone wins. If you want to check out his maps and other stuff check out his blog at and see how much stuff is there for free, if you got some spare money and wanna help him though, do as I did.

Meanwhile I have been sharing some stuff about my current game (powered by Dungeon World) at the Story Games Forums, selflessly collecting their wisdom, advice and tips to make the game better in any way I can.


2 responses to “Getting ready! Two Purchases

  1. juddthelibrarian January 16, 2013 at 18:41

    Hey, just found this blog. I hope your GM struggles become fun!

    I also like the One Page Dungeons for my Dungeon Worlding:

  2. Nifelhein January 16, 2013 at 21:07

    Oh yeah, those are great! I lost all my bookmarks once, a lot of things like maps and generators we don’t use that often went down with it. Just yesterday Lulu sent me an e-mail telling me the books were shipped, now the long wait!

    Thanks Judd!

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